An “upstander” is someone who recognizes when something is wrong and acts to make it right. When an upstander sees or hears about someone in need, they speak up and offer help. We all have an obligation to act when we see friends, classmates, and strangers on campus struggling with mental health issues. Whereas bystanders perpetuate the silence and stigma, being an upstander is being a hero. We are standing up against the stigma of mental health and and doing our best to help support and protect someone who is hurting. Upstanders help direct friends to appropriate resources, provide advice and comfort, and work to ensure that mental health services are accessible for all.
We can all take the pledge to be an upstander and break the silence! Check out our action card below and create your own pledge to be an upstander today!

Action Card & Pledge

Create your own pledge and be an upstander today!