Stress and anxiety can be caused by what’s going on in our heads, or it can be a response to tangible problems in our lives. Worrying about money is a common issue that can cause a huge amount of stress. With a growing number of students taking out loans to make up for rising tuition, it’s no wonder that more young people are feeling stressed, anxious, and frustrated. That stress can carry over to other areas of our lives, impacting our school, work, and relationships.

An important part of dealing with financial stress is identifying areas where you can make changes. Sometimes we panic about things we can’t do anything about immediately. You might be feeling overwhelmed at the thought of having to make student loans payments, or possibly you’re nervous because you are waiting to receive financial aid. Maybe you feel left out because you can’t afford things your friends are doing. You may be one of the many students trying to balance a heavy work schedule while being a full-time student.

The UCLA Economic Crisis Response (ECR) Team offers many on and off campus resources to assist you during times of financial distress. You can visit their website or email the ECR Team directly at

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by anything related to your finances, talking to a CAPS counselor can help you find ways to manage that stress. Reaching out is the first step to feeling better.