From midterms to finals, the quarter system at UCLA can feel rushed and overwhelming, not to mention the academic rigor that can feel impossibly challenging. Some students feel angry and frustrated with the academic system. They begin to question their own intelligence or feel ill-equipped to handle their classes. At such a highly competitive university it is easy to forget your own capabilities and the success you have already achieved.  Remember to keep your experience at UCLA in perspective. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by academic stress, keep in mind the following tips and suggestions:

  • Reduce your workload. If you feel like you are struggling in class or have too much on your plate consider taking an easier workload the next quarter.  Visit an academic counselor or graduate student mentor for an academic concerns. Instead of trying to do everything, focus on doing one thing well. That could be anything from a specific class to a project or a sport. This will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment.
  • GPA is not everything. There are many paths to success and achievement. Consider visiting the UCLA Career Center to learn about different opportunities.
  • Make goals. Create realistic expectations for yourself and work towards those goals. Do not feel pressured by what everyone else is doing or what your friends or family expect you to do. This is your life! Consider attending a wellness skills group for help tackling issues like procrastination or perfectionism.
  • Take care of yourself. While in the midst of a hectic schedule, students forget to prioritize their health. Eat well and regularly. Consider reducing your caffeine intake and sleeping more. Your brain and body will thank you.

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